“A truly engaging and meaningful presentation which captures the essence of what battling an eating disorder is really like.
Niki is a talented singer/
performer who is able to weave this story into the words of her songs. Students both understand and empathize with her character and walk away

feeling positive and empowered to face such challenges.

—Julie Ardell, Toronto District School Board, Vice Principal, Secondary Runnymede Collegiate Institute

Dear Principals, Teachers, Coordinators and School Boards…

As you are probably aware, it is estimated that one out of every four Canadian teenagers has an eating disorder.

That means in a typical-sized high school, close to 300 students struggle with a dangerous mental health issue that they might not have the tools to battle alone.

To remedy this, I have created an educational, musical presentation, that takes a different approach to addressing the subject of mental health, with a specific focus on eating disorders and body image issues.

This 45-minute, musical presentation has been performed for the past 6 years and is designed to be thought-provoking, relatable and, more importantly – to give students guidance on how to get the help they need. I hope we can work together to provide outreach to our youth, and our community, through the school system.

I am available for booking for the 2018/2019 school year.

Please use my contact information below to contact me and discuss further how we can partner to tackle this important issue.

For more information or pricing inquiries please contact me.

“Every event is a victory, as even 1 more life is touched.”

Please contact Niki to discuss pricing.


Niki Policelli
Advocate/Singer/Speaker & “ED” Survivor
Mobile: 905-580-6425